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About This Site

What's STORM ON?
Some policies of this site and the relationship to QajaqJPN,. I know what you want to know. So please check here.

Storm Roll

I think that storm roll is most practical roll in some Greenland rolls. So I want you to get it, use it and spread it. This is the theme of STORM ON.


Do you need my help to get some Greenland rolls? If so, please ask me without hesitation. I'll welcome you always.


Qajaq is qajaq, not plastic boat. Since it is "culture", we have to inherit this in the right way as much as possible.



About the three rotation axes in the storm roll. This has not received much attention, but I think it is an important trick.


I'll join Adriana's Greece tour, and teach some Greenland rolls to you.If you are interesrested it, please click here and check it out.


Some animations posted on this site were made by "Blender". It's open source software, and it's perfect for modeling and animation creation.


This is a club enjoying the traditional Kayak of Greenland to which I belong. There are members other than Japanese.


WATER FIELD KAYAKS is a Japanese kayak maker. President Mizuno has very high skills in making and paddling. I am a big fan of the company's "Qaanaaq series".