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Welcome to STORM ON!
I'd rather storm roll than eat. hahaha! Actually, In many Greenland rolls, a storm roll is most beautiful and practical, I think. I do not always think only the function of "recovery" as important about a storm roll. "Efficiency" and "art" are intermingled there. The more you pursue them, the more you will discover various elements. They are a grip position, set, brace, sweep, leg drive, hip snap and a procurvation posture. I'll interlock these in the motion for several seconds, and aim at a highly complete storm roll and will welcome the friends who feels joy for the same thing to STORM ON.

ようこそSTORM ONへ。
三度のメシよりストームロールが好きです(うそうそ)。数あるグリーンランドロールの中でこれだけ実用的で美しいロールは無いと思っています。単純に“起き上がる”という点だけに注目するのではなく、「効率性」や「見た目の美しさ」を追求していけばいくほど様々な要素にその探究心を奪われていきます。グリップポジション、セット、ブレイス、スイープ、レッグドライブ、ヒップスナップ、前屈…サクッと考えただけでこれだけのポイントがあります。これらを数秒の動作の中にうまいこと連動させ、より完成度の高いストームロールを目指す。それを面白いと思える連中がこのSTORM ONに集ってくれたら嬉しいです。

20180521 : Jahzeel
20180123 : Two types
20180122 : STTORM ROLL2017
20180119 : ReUpload

This is Aya. Today two million people, more than half of them children just like Aya, are living as refugees after fleeing from the violent war in Syria.
These children, women and men have made dangerous journeys across borders with only the clothes on their backs. They have arrived traumatised and fearful for their lives. Many are physically wounded or suffering from illness and disease.
Now, across the borders, they are still not safe – they are trying to survive and are fearful of having to flee again. The children in particular are at great risk of forced labour, sexual exploitation and trafficking and in need of specialist child services.
Aya is just one of two million refugees but they all need your help today. Please make a gift to UNHCR and help the refugees of Syria.

If you want the more effective storm roll, you should master this way. This can be applied to all rolls. Thank you for teaching James!

Hi there,
I got a new comer "Jahzeel" from US. He is just practicing for getting a storm roll. Just so you know by seeing the video, I'm sure he can get it completely soon. Hey, your turn is the next. Please join us by your super storm roll! If you want to know how to get a storm roll, please check my blog! Oops...It's described by only Japanese. I'm so sorry. However, I guess you can enjoy seeing some animations.