G-style2017 Sakhalin : You can see it just below. I had really nice memories with my friends!

Mano-san's video : If you want to know how to use your leg during the storm roll, you have to check this video.

Maligiaq's storm rolls : You can see this on the left or down side. These are Maligiaq's 2002-2004 Storm Roll. I think that you will notice that his upper body movement is changing from age to age.

"G-style2017 Сахалин" was held on 9th September 2017 in Lake-Tonnai in Sakhalin. "G-style" was once held in Japan as an event for beginners of Greenland style kayaking every year.However, it disappeared unnoticed. I have been thinking about the restoration of G-style in recent years.
I was invited to this event as one of a lecturer. Actually, I visited Sakhalin for the first time. There are great in everything. For example, they are delicious foods, rich nature, gentle people, wide sky, coastline that goes on and on, and curious kayakers! They were definitely interested in Greenland style. Their skills will progress better and better from now. And I strongly hope they will spread Greenland style with me and will certainly visit there again in the near future. That is the closest foreign country from Japan. Why don't you visit there? (^^)

Hi there,
Just so you know, anyway, I quite like Storm Roll. That is because Storm Roll has not only high practicality but also aggressive motion. It keeps me fascinated. I guess you visited this site because you are interested in at least a storm roll, right? Through this site, I would like to share the charm of Storm Roll with you.
And, I am expressing the splendor of Qajaq culture in Greenland using computer graphics. Once, my partner was "Softimage". It was particularly good for animation making and made me very satisfied. However, it came to a disastrous end that the company was bought and the development ended. Was the company bought for such a result? I was in the depth of disappointment and I decided to abandon the pride title of "Softimage user". And now, my new buddy is "Blender". This is comparable to a former buddy. "Blender" motivates my creative will. You can see the results on this website. I would like to thank developers of "Blender" and show respect. I will continue to create animations and graphics about Qajaq's things with this partner.