Mitchell 304
304 is the origin of 300 family.

Mitchell 304

The roots of 304 was Cap reel. Cap was the reel made by Carpano & Pons, which was the company before Mitchell, in 1930's.

Cap is older than 300 and 302. But when Cap was given the name of 304, 300 and 302 had been born.

Spool diameter: 50mm (=#300)
Ratio: 3.2
Weight: 230g


The spool was unique construction. It was made of aluminum plate. The core is also bent aluminum plates.


The knob is male screw, the shaft is female screw. The friction washer is the fiber under the spool.

Main shaft

Drag spring is the under the spool holding plate. The spool height is changed by drag adjustment.

Line guide

Guide is fixed and hard chromed pin. Friction is less than tungsten carbide.

Roller guide was not made on this model.


37mm short crank and good fitting knob. It matches to low speed gearing.


Bevel gears are used. Drive gear is mounted on side cover.

Inserted pipe

The inserted steel pipe supports the pinion and main shaft. This construction is same as 300.

Drive gear and A/R

A/R is simple. The shaft of drive gear is quenched steel. It is supported sintered steel bushing.

The manual says, A/R should be free when angler is casting and reeling until have the net in his left hand.

Lube port

Lube port is same to 300.

Cross Wind

304 is Cross Wind. So, it has the converter like as 302.


314 was the Planamatic version. 314 has the push button spool and counter balanced crank also.


Manual is very detailed and good. How to use the spinning reel is written.

The man is the president of Garcia.

Its simple. So, its weight is enough light for 50mm spool.

If the ratio was higher a little and it had the roller guide, it was useful in present fishing also. Its 50mm spool make it "versatile" reel.

Fishing with the simple tackle is sophisticated.


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