The newest spinning reel of Shimano's UL class .

" NAVI " was the name of the first long spool spinning reel series of Shimano for US market in 1989 . This NAVI is 4th model .

In fact I tested the first 89NAVI in Shimano .

NAVI was named from NAVITAS which was the company seen from Shimano building .

Made in Malaysia .

The rival
The rival is Daiwa PriMax500/1000 . The spec is below .

04NAVI1000 : spool dia 39mm gear ratio 4.7 to 1
PriMax500/1000 : spool dia 36mm gear ratio 5.2 to 1

The speed is...

04NAVI1000 : 57cm
PriMax500/1000 : 58cm

Shimano uses the concept of Daiwa's " large spool and low gear " . It is good . I don't understand why PriMax doesn't use it .

The weight is...

04NAVI1000 : 185g
PriMax500/1000 : 210g

It has the economizer .So it can be used as 500 and as 1000 .PriMax 500 and 1000 is deferrent only the depth of spools . Shimano is more reasonable . But Shimano's 1500~C3000 is not so .

NAVI1000 is sold in US as " Symetre 750 " .

No problem
This line-roller-support had a problem . Some of 01 and 02 models had the edge on the end of wire . So , it cut the fishing line .

But this model is no problem .

But I don't like the thinner bail wire .

Short crank
The crank is only 40mm . The standard model is 50mm . It matches the compact body .

But the knob is not matched to the short crank . The knobs of Japanese manufacture are not good .

Super slow oscillation
This mechanism become not so " slow " for prevention to the trouble of line . A spool cycle is made by 3 turns of the handle .

Oscillation mechanism
It has the unique mechanism .

Oh !
It has the deformed gears .

It winds up the line perfectly .

Although it had a little alternation of torque in first time , it was cleared by a day of fishing .

It is unique .

The larger models of NAVI don't have this mechanism . They have the same mechanism as Abu C600 series .

By the way...
Shimano had made the deformed gear for the bicycles .

The supporting point of pinion
NAVI doesn't have the bushing in the end of pinion . Upper grade models have the plastic (POM) bushing . But it is not so wrong . Perhaps , the plastic of body is smooth .

The main shaft supports the pinion too .

Plastic body
The larger models have the aluminum side-cover and leg . But 1000 is the plastic body (PA and glass fiber) .

It is light and reasonable . It is suitable to the UL spinning .

The only defect of this body is that it seems better than the upper models .

Oil injection
The gears can be oiled by this hole . But the grease cannot be used , because the A/R doesn't work with the grease in cold .

So , this idea is not so useful .

Most of UL spinning reels are designed for lower cost and simpleness like as the crank oscillation and the torsion bail spring . Only , Mitchell Avocet and AbuGarcia C300U are the exceptions .

04NAVI1000 is the exception too . It has the durable bail spring and the unique oscillation .

I went fishing with this reel . The first impression is not so good . The short crank impresses the rotation heavier . The oscillation mechanism is unique . But it increases the friction .

I think that the bushing of the right shaft of the main gear had better changed to BB .

But If you use only this , you don't feel so bad .

It is the unique and reasonable spinning reel .

04NAVI1000 is " S " cam system . I overlooked the slider . It is the same mechanism as Abu C300 and Daiwa etc .

Then I cannot understand why Shimano uses the deformed gears .

Patent ? But the " S " cam system is used by Daiwa , AbuGarcia , Mitchell , Tica , Okuma etc .

For smoothness ? It is not so smooth .

I don't have the answer .

But it is unique . So it is OK !?