70's,80's bait
SHIMANO had become popular by these bait reels.

Speed Spool BB / SHIMANO BM
The first SHIMANO's bait reel. It was developed together LEW.
The other Japanese manufacturers had been making copied reels in 70's. So, I think BM is greatJapanese reel.
BM was the Japanese name of BB.
Bantam100 was appeared in 1978.
It's beautiful !
But it was not only good styling. Its design was compact and light weight. And its gear-ratio was higher than BM.
It was a pioneer of small bait casting reels.
The light weight model in 1982. Its weight was only 190g.
The spool was larger than 100.
It had one piece aluminum frame.
But it was not so popular. Because the magnetic brake had been born then.
The first SHIMANO reel with FAST CAST in 1982.
It had also THUMB REST and magnet brake.
This was the first bait reel for me. The casting feel of mag was not good. If the first one were Bantam100 or 1000SG , I was not spinning reel enthusiast.
But magnet brake had made a big boom then.
What was the boom ?
The revived BM in 1983. It was sold only in Japan.
It had both of centrifugal brake and magnet brake. So, it had both of good feeling and adjustability.
But it was not popular. It was classic car with AT.
Bantam Magnumlite was the light weight model in 1984. It was only 190g.
"Plus" had been added drag lock system. But it increased the weight from 190g to 224g.
It was the start of "gimmick 80's".

After the BML2000GTP, SHIMANO had gone to wrong direction like as FIGHTIN' STAR and 2-SPEED.
It had made AbuGarcia crazy also. So, AbuGarcia revived the synchro and 2-speed bait.
This was GIMMICK 80's. (2003/10/7)