70's, 80's spinning

They dragged me into the road of the evil !?

The first small spinning reel of SHIMANO on 78. ML means " Mecha-Light".
I had thought that ML was the BM/Bantam of the spinning reels. But it was....
Its drad nut was broken by the first use. Its bail spring was broken by 5 days. The nuts on rotor and handle were loosen soon.
But I liked its styling because it was newer than Daiwa and Olympic.
I had an interest in machine by it.
It was cut its penis because it become " internal-tripping ".
The drag and bail spring had been improved than ML.1.
The up-graded spinning reel in 80. It was made against Daiwa's Phantom GX.
I thought that it must be BM of the spinning reels. It had the brass main gear, the ceramic line guide, push button spool, new drag, machined crank, silent A/R etc.
But its gearing was rough. The bail spring was broken by 20 days. The new drag could not adjust....
I decided " I must join to SHIMANO ". I was 16 years old then.
The first RD spinning of SHIMANO in 83.
The leg was bent for fast-cast model for US. It is hard to control the line.
Its bail spring is life time.
Carbomatic EX2000
The first plastic reel of SHIMANO.
The twin leg is the shape for plastic body. It was an original design.
But its coloring was same to Daiwa.
The line dig into its line guide.
Its line-roller-support had been worn because it did not have bushing in the roller.
So, I dislike such bushless reels.
Fightin' GT500
The lever drag spinning in 85.
AbuGarcia made the 800 by this.
Aero BeastMaster GT-X#4~#8A
The hi-end model in 89.
But its looking was cheap because 80's SHIMANO thought only " cost-down ".
It was light-weight, because it did not have metal spool, instant A/R, large line-guide etc.
The name means that it suited to 4~8 LB lines.

I was remembered the past and I became dear.