90's Bait

SHIMANO is the manufacturer which has made the first low-profile bait reel. So, I don't understand this round bait reel. SHIMANO said, the round shape is good for high precision. It was a lie. Why is the other SHIMANO reels not round ?

The true reason was attack on the round models of ABU.

But I use it sometimes. I corrupted.
Scorpion1500 was Japanese version of this. But I didn't like its red color. So, I bought this US model.
Its bare frame is good because fingers are not slipped. And it looks clever because it looks like as the bumper of European cars. The crank is longer than Japanese version.

It can cast the heavy lures llike Zara very well. But it can not cast standard size lures well.

SHIMANO changed the number to 1500 from 200 for Japanese market because 200(2000) is too large to use in Japan. It is SHIMANO.
This model had the red Japanese version also.
I had changed its spool to Japanese version. It was lighter.

It keeps the name of "Bantam". It is good.
97 ScorpionMetaniumXT
The Japanese version of CHRONARCH SuperFree.
I bought it to try left handle. But its weight balance is not good in casting.

Its performance is good.
But I think its handle is not serious design. The clank is built only by 2 small screws. The knobs is " see-through" design although Daiwa's TD-X used the light weight cork knobs. All of them is only for the styling.
The Japanese version of CALAIS.
Its magnesium spool is light weight. But its capacity is not enough.
The Japanese version of BantamCURADO100.
It has the 4X4 SVS. This system allows to adjust the brake without open the side cover.

These Japanese versions had been born by the overheated bass boom on 90's. But the bass fishing is being criticized by ecologists now in Japan.
Perhaps it wiil become hard to make Japanese version reels. (2003/10/15)