90's spinning

SHIMANO had changed their direction from cost-down to hi-quality with these models.

The first spinning reel with dynamic balance. It had impacted to other manufacturers
It had multi point A/R also.
SHIMANO called it SBL (Shimano Balance Lock) totally.
Their direction had been changed by the new chief of fishing div. He is the present president.
But the work of R&D and production had become harder.
The A/R had been changed to roller bearing.
Although the inner-bail-design was fresh, its inertia was large and the bail arm screw was easy to loosen.
The moderate oscillation speed and the smooth bail trip were good feeling..
The leg had been shorten for easy line control.
I had sent the letter to SHIMANO.
" Only short leg cannot make easy to control the line. The rotor brake should be loaded like as ABU33/44. "
So, 98 models had the rotor brake system.
The styling was slim. But it made the oscillation speed too high. So, its rotation was not so good.
Its base was 98 model. The spool and the rotor was made lighter.
MgS means magnesium rotor and shallow spool.
The rotor was magnesium alloy. The spool was made of plastic and aluminum.
Its rotation was light. But the oscillation was felt worse than 98.
Its gold lip on spool is not titanium but aluminum.
The limited edition for 2000.
It had the super slow oscillation. One cycle of its spool was per 6 rotation of handle.
It make longer distance cast and super stable rotation.
But the beginer could not use it. If it wound slackness of line, it made tangles easily.
And the screw locking crank was good also.