It is the long seller spinning reel in Japan .

Titanos AERO ES5000
It is the oldest and lowest priced surf spinning reel in SHIMANO . I was employed to SHIMANO in 1987 . This model had manufactured then . It is manufactured now also .
It is simple and has enough performance . So its model life is so long .
Old but good 1
Its line guide is old small type . But it is light . I don't think that the big roller is necessary . The big roller increases the weights of the rotor .
All the line guides of most spinning reels have become the big roller type , because Japan is fascism country .
Old but good 2
Its anti-reverse is old type . But it is light . It is stronger against sand and salt water than the instant anti-reverse system .
Back play ? Do you miss the catch by the back play of only 30 degree ?
Line pick-up is easy too .
But most of A/R has become instant type . Japan is fascism country . Hoo...
Bushing 1
Its line guide has POM bushing . Although the bearing of big roller is rust , the bushing is never rust .

POM bushing is good parts . But George Bush is warmonger .
Bushing 2
The pinion is supported by POM bushing ( red circle ) . The POM bushings are used on main gear shaft and worm shaft too . It is durable design .
Many of SHIMANO's R&D member were surf caster . So SHIMANO's surf spinning reels are good .
Light and compact
Its weight of 450g is lightest in SHIMANO's surf spinning reels .
The " skirtless " design made it light and compact .
I hope innovative small model with this design .

This model says...

Simple and enough performance is the reason of long model life .
The big roller line guide and instant A/R are not necessary . It means the trend is not right all the time . (2003/12/12)