Styling Styling...
Which is it overrun or progressive ?

Too behind
The leg of SHIMANO is too behind for most Japanese anglers.
The cause might be this ML. Its leg was made behind for styling.
This defect had kept until 95models. Perhaps ML had been their standard.
( Sorry for rough picture. It was filmed 20 years ago )
Slide-lock A/R switch
It was good styling. But the water would go to inside easily.
Built-in rotor design
It was designed only for the styling although SHIMANO said "tanglefree".
Its inertia was large. The bail-arm screw was easy to loosen by use and not easy to fix by tools.
Too fast oscillation
The oscillation was too fast on 98models(L).
The red circle of 95model(R) was the space of the gear for worm shaft. But the space was decreased for thin styling for 98model. So, the gear was made smaller and the oscillation was fast.
I am supporting.....
The handle cap of 98STELLA and SUSTAIN. It is flat only left handle position.
I am supporting it because left handle wind is true way on spinning. In Japan, the most anglers do not know it. Even if right-handed person, he winds his reel by right hand in Japan which has biggest fishing tackle manufacturers.
But there are many left-handed persons in the world.....
SHIMANO says the part of its lip is THUMB REST. How long is your thumb ?
Only 2 screws !
The crank is built by only 2 small screws.
See through knobs
The knobs is " see-through" design although Daiwa's TD-X used the light weight cork knobs.
The ditch
The ditches are made on the brake unit.
The nail sticks in them when the angler switch the blocks.

Many of SHIMANO reels think more of styling than performance.
But the performance of reels has been averaged between many manufacturers. So, the importance of styling is heavier than past.
SHIMANO could see the future ????