SiC line guide

I changed the line guides of SHIMANO reels to FUJI's SiC

SiC line guide
SHIMANO's line guide is not SiC . So , I change them to FUJI's SiC rings .
The life of line has increased by this change because the speed of line is high when you cast .
Parts and tools
SiC rings : 2pc of MKSG5 for Scorpion/Chronarch/Curado , 1pc of DBSG ( external : 10mm-6mm ) for Calcutta .
A soldering handle , Epoxy glue of 5min type , drill4.5mm , file and sandpaper , plier , etc .

Take care, the epoxy is harmful .
Cutting the frame
1 : Cut the frame of guide by the file of metal . Don't use sandpaper because it is also SiC .
2 : Heat the ring by the soldering handle .
Removing the SiC ring
Push out the ring by the soldering handle .
Level winder
Take apart your reel .
Remove the ceramic guide from level winder by the soldering handle .
Enlarge the diameter of hole by drill manually .
1 : Bond the SiC into hole by epoxy .
2 : Perhaps the ring come out by heat . So , rebond .
1 : Shave the level winder for thinner SiC ring by the file and sandpapers .
2 : Seal the holes by tapes before 1 . The dust of sandpaper wears worm shaft .

Don't fix too tight the cap of the worm shaft pin . It is easy to break .

Especially this change is more effective for Calcutta because its line guide is nearer than others . The line is worn more in casting than reeling .
The rings of 80's bait are larger than 90's . (2003/12/11)