Sensilite is new light weight model of US " Stradic " .

US " Stradic " is called " TwinPower " in Japan . Shimano released " TwinPower Mg " in 03 .

Sensilite Mg is low-cost version of TwinPower Mg .

Handle of 1500
Its handle is short . It is same to LEW's SpeedSpin . Shimano had seen LEW's page of this HP ???

Light weight spool
Its spool is mixed metal and resin . It has the good looking of metal and light weight of resin .

Its good idea .

But its spool lip is not good .

Although it is aluminum its color is gold which is the color of titan coating .

Magnesium flame
Its side-cover is combined with leg . It is made of magnesium alloy . It is light weight .
Sensilite cannot be taken apart like this old model . But Sensilite has sealed body . Water cannot be in its body when you wash it with shower . ( Soaking and warm shower are not recommended )
Lube port
This is the lube port . Although this reel cannot be taken apart easily , owner can give lube easily .

Solid handle
Although it is not screw locking , it is solid . The reason is aluminum spacer between the crank and the body .

The cap/screw is hard to loose in fishing .

Main shaft
Main shaft is light alloy . Its anodized finish is used for the engine of motor cycles also .

Two speed oscillation
The ditch of worm shaft is not same cycle between " go " and " back " . It's " two speed oscillation " .

This system is only loaded on 4000 size .

It is also " super slow oscillation " .

In Japan , some anglers say that Shimano's " super slow oscillation " makes many line-troubles . But I don't think so . I tested this reel for 6 hours . Although I tried " twitching " and " jerking " , it didn't make tangles on the level of this picture .

The last BB of 4BB is used on the end of pinion . But smaller size has BB on the right of main gear .The cause is that the smaller size cannot be use BB on the end of pinion . " 4BB " is fixed on this series .

Although the effect of BB is higher on pinion than main gear , I wants BB on main gear for the larger 4000 .

BB maybe only spec for Japanese manufactures .

Line gauge
This is the gauge for adjusting the line level . It's a good ( my ? ) idea .

It is a good reel .

But I have a question on its line-up . #4000 is too large . #C3000 and #2500 is too small . It is same to Daiwa's line-up .

Moreover , #2500 and #C3000 is the same reel . The defference is only the depth of spool and capacity . This is same to Daiwa's new models too !

The " two-party system " is bad ! Especially in " fascism " Japan .