02 spinning

I don't have 02 spinning reels . So , I must not talk about it . But ...

Daiwa's ABS is more innovative than 98 SHIMANO . But SHIMANO had no choice because the design of 98 had finished when they had seen ABS .
But I think the 02 spinning reels are old fasioned because it had been designed after ABS .
Super slow oscillation
02model has the super slow oscillation system .
It started Stella SS which was the limited edition for 2000 year in Japan . It is the mechanism for experts .
But SHIMANO uses this system on all of 02 models . It is critical .
Bail wire
The picture is old MgS model . 02model has same thin wire . It maybe only opposite direction of Daiwa's Air bail .
The bail wire is the weak point of spinning reels . So many manufactures has tried heavy duty bail construction .
SHIMANO doesn't understand this basic of spinning reels .
Imitation 1
The picture is the spool lip of old MgS . It is not TiN coarting but aluminum alloy . 02 models of smaller sizes are same .
Why does SHIMANO use gold color ?
Imitation 2
The picture is the handle of Stella SS . It is the " screw lock " handle .
Some of 02 models are not " screw lock " .
But SHIMANO calls them " screw lock " on Japanese catalogues because the crank is same desigen .

If you use 02 models you feel it good . It maybe the " good reel " .

Although it is " good reels " , I hope SHIMANO innovative reels like as 80's BM/BB , Bantam100 , Aerocast etc .

But it may be difficult because the share has become too larger .... (2003/12/12)