Ryobi Ixorne

Ryobi Ixorne is the bait casting reel which has the first adjustable centrifugal brake system in 98.

Ixorne F300LF
It had an exciting mechanism.
But it did not have something.

Flying arm brake
The world first adjustable brake. It was exciting idea.

But Ryobi made the magnet version of it. It was an error, even if its light spool matches to magnet. It broke its image.The man who wants mag can buy Daiwa.

Japanese fascism
It used the forged crank. Where is the merit ? It only increased the costs and weights and over hang.

The reason is the trend. Japanese manufactures don't make the reels by their policy but by the trend.

Espcially, small manufacturer, such as Ryobi, the policy is important. But Ryobi didn't understand it.