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The place which enjoys Nagasaki
  The night view of Nagasaki  Link
    Please look at many night view famous places which enclose
 the Nagasaki harbor from Mt.Inasa of the night view of Nagasaki.
   Hashima (Gunkanjima)      
  Hashi Island, nicknamed "Warship Island," is located on the
   open sea 19 kilometers southwest of the Port of Nagasaki.

  It is the room of a KAME
   Peace and the Atomic Bomb 
  This statue sits in the Peace Park built on the hill to the
    north of the hypocenter.
   Spectacles Bridge         
  The resident priest who worked at Kofuku temple built this
    bridge in the late 17th century.
Hotel which can enjoy Nagasaki fully Fujiwara Ryokan in Nagasaki
Uwamachi 6-12 Nagasaki.Japan.
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