スピードスピン/Speed Spin
ゴールドスピン/Gold Spin
シマノ製スピードスプール/Speed Spool by Shimano
リョービ製スピードスプール/Speed Spool by Ryobi
シマノのその後/Shimano after LEW


LEW is a bass tackle brand in Alabama.
LEW had produced many bass tackles with Japanese manufacturers in 70's and 80's, although it was not popular in Japan.
Speed stick of Daiko is the most famous.
Daiko's rods had been improved by LEW's high request. Their rods are famous by their quality in Japan now.
A lot of OEM are proving their quality.
Speed spool BB had been developed with Shimano.
It had become the original form of the present bait reels by the disengaging level winder and the low profile design.
Speed spin and Gold spin had been developed with Hyoshi sangyo. They had been living over 10 years against the boom of fast cast , long spool etc.
Although they were not popular in Japan , all of LEW's were remarkable fishing tackles.

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